abc westland literally and figuratively offers space to agriculture and food

abc westland is the industrial park in the heart of the Westland, right next to the port of Rotterdam and Airport Schiphol, where all the chain players of the agriculture and food branch are represented.

abc westland is the most sustainable industrial park of the Netherlands

More than eighteen thousand solar panels provide 30% of the energy requirements of our tenants. With these alternative energy sources and electrical transport, the company park anticipates the requirements for lowering the CO2 foot print of vegetable and fruit.

abc westland supports trade at world level 24/7

Day after day, connection, service, and continuity are a fact for the industrial park. abc westland stimulates cooperations and supports its entrepreneurs, 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

abc westland works for the entrepreneurs

abc westland offers real service with passion and complete dedication. Problems? abc westland knows none. With a personal and entrepreneurial vision, we provide solutions to take away all worries.

At abc westland, connections are made, and the chances on the market are continuously anticipated

More than one hundred established entrepreneurs in the agriculture and food sector are represented at abc westland. A strong chain, in which cooperation and connection is key, helps entrepreneurs move forward.

abc westland is the gateway to an attractive international market

Because of the nearby airport Schiphol and the Rotterdam port, product shipments reach their destination fast; in Europe over the road, even within 24 hours. Products at abc westland can be almost immediately processed and traded, but also cooled, packaged, stored, or ripened.

abc westland gives entrepreneurs an optimal sense of safety

A natural fence in combination with an effective access control and complete camera monitoring guarantees the safety of our industrial park. We have an inhouse park management and the technical service makes sure all process in the park run smoothly.

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