For Europe Retail Packing, a well-automated environment is essential to stay competitive in the market. Just like a strategic location is crucial to switch quickly and be flexible.

Following in the footsteps of his father, who started the company in 2000, Menno Reijgersberg is the current CEO of Europe Retail Packing. Menno kept pace with the developments and changes in the agrifood sector. "When you want to keep up and stay relevant, you need to be flexible and that is what we are." ERP positions itself as more than just a partner in storage, transshipment and packaging. "We think along with our clients and consider ourselves to be an extension of the organization." And this is exactly what Menno likes about the abc westland business park. "There is always room for conversation, with the other tenants as well as with abc. Herwi is always willing to contribute actively."

Innovation and sustainability are important pillars of ERP. Some of the concrete examples are a reduced use of plastic, monopacks and recyclable materials. Menno is glad that abc westland shares his vision in that area. The laws and regulations are increasingly becoming more stringent and ERP has to comply with more and more standards and certifications. "The only way to achieve this is to have a well-automated environment", says Menno. 

Menno has good contacts with the other tenants at abc westland. As neighbors, we have built up excellent relationships from day one, with regard to procurement as well as sales. Apart from the pleasant neighborly contact, Menno enjoys the liveliness of the business park.

“A good mix of companies and it is well maintained.”